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Testimonial 1

Shivas Buildes

   We live in New Zealand and first saw Mr Sivanand's advertisement online and called him to enquire about SHIVAS BUILDERS' "houses for sale". I understood from that conversation he seemed to be a very genuine builder and decided to meet him in person and thus flew down to Chennai shortly after that. I was very impressed about his engineering skills and his true passion for building and construction. I found him to be very affable and friendly, straightforward and honest, brutally frank and very trustworthy.

Mr Sivanand constructed 2 houses for us in Chiranth Avenue (Plot III and Plot V), and finished both these houses to our taste and time. While constructing these houses for us, he gave us numerous options in choosing the paint colours, tiles, feature wall colours, lighting, wash basins and closets and allowed us to try our various choices and colours to make sure that we got what we had in mind! Mr Sivanand was patient with us all through this journey and was never chasing us for funds. He was kind enough to continue and complete the project without waiting for our funds to flow.

If we embark on another housing project, we will be very happy to engage Mr Sivanand as we are delighted with his skills, talent, behaviour and character. We wish him well in all his future business endeavours and wish him all success in the projects to come, especially Cherry Blossom, coming up in Gerugambakkam!

- Premnath & family, Auckland, New Zealand

Testimonial 2

Shivas Buildes

   Yes, Its a Must Read ...
Since we've been married, we have dreamed of building our dream home. Although our intention was to place our princess in a repute school at Kolapakkam ;We looked at other builders homes and even obtained quotes but we kept coming back to Mr.Shivanand for his neatly built palace. I would not mind and it would be a gross injustice if I miss to mention about Shivanand's "people friendly" attitude.
While I would dedicate my power to purchase the Villa to Almighty Shirdi Sainath for his mercy and it all happened as it came in the form of prayers of my ever understanding and loving wife Shalini & my angel Suraksha, blessings of our parents , our sister / brother and in laws and the support of an understanding builder .
He (Shivanand) gave us great ideas and wowed us with his attention to detail and at the same time encouraged and appreciated our school of thought of a dream home . Our house was finished on time and to our complete satisfaction. All of the staff at Shivas Builders were pleasant to work with. If you're looking for quality, great customer service and 100% satisfaction let Shivanand be your builder of choice.
Well, if you look at my write up as an testimonial as proof of my sincerity and appreciation for Shivanand's "Shivas" for the workmanship they displayed for my new home in Kolapakkam, then here it goes :
First thing First, the way he christened the row houses inspired me and made me move forward . He had named "Achutham" "Keshavam" " Madhavam" "Sreedharam" and believe me Iam blessed to live happily at "Keshavam"
I myself being a lawyer; we all are always of the strong opinion that when building / while purchasing a new home, one either fights with the bank or fights with the builder. Although I had no issues with the bank, I would have to say that the above statement could not be further from the truth. Never did I expect to have my family treated with such respect and dignity during the completion of building of our fun filled "Keshavam". Mr.Shivanand actually encouraged us to spend considerable time at the site to ensure that everything was going as we had planned.
The entire building process was enjoyable. From the first meeting to the handing over of the keys, and every detail in between Shivanand continued to be of service one way or the other.
Further, the work of his trades was remarkable. At no point could I not speak openly to any of his contractors and truly have their undivided attention, and to me, this was comfort in knowing that Mr.Shivanand only uses the best contractors available to him.
As a point of interest, Mr.Shivanand's pride in his work actually changed the face of my home considering my recommendations to even change the main entrance of the building , which no one else would dare to do in general.
If you are looking for a contractor who holds quality, creativity, attention to detail and sincere pride in their work, look no further than Shivas… you won't be disappointed. Without question we always highly recommend him.
Lastly, it is important to note that I not only received an incredible home for a fair price, I also gained a new friendship with not only a good builder but who invariably is also a good human with great heart .
With a bowing head to Sri Sainath,
With blessings from relatives
With support from Shivanand, the builder

- Suraksha ,Shalini & Suresh, IGate, Chennai

Testimonial 3

Shivas Buildes

   BIG THANKS! It is my great priviledge to mention that since from the Date of Booking of our plot No.2,Chiranth Avenue from you, I am very much impressed with your Generosity in dealing with the clients and I strongly believe that, its because of your attitude and sincere efforts, we were able to build our Dream Home "Sakthi's Orchards " at Chiranth Avenue. Just One word "Thanks"will not enough to render our gratitude.Ihereby share my sincere gratification to you and I am looking forward for a long and healthy relationship forever. Best Wishes for you and your family. A Big Thanks for you once again .

- S.D. Sampathkumar

Testimonial 4

Shivas Buildes

   "First and foremost we would like to thank Shivas Builders for their wonderful completion of our house in Chiranth Ave,Gerugambakkam without any hurdles and very particularly without our physical presence in India ​, ​ truly they made dream come true. We actually took almost 2 years for searching a good plot and the builder but always we used to end up with either good plot or good builder but we are lucky enough to get both comfortably at the one place i.e Shivas Builders. Mr.Sivanandan cooperated well with us through internet for each and every progress in our project and always kept us informed.There was no financial pressure on us and especially they truly had the patience to work with our aged parents who were there on our behalf. Thank you and All the Best for your future Projects."

- Satheesh & Vidhya.

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